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Using a website for affiliate marketing is vital if you expect to make a good income and achieve enduring success.

Taking Shortcuts

Lazy affiliate marketers like to think they can just market directly to the affiliate link provided to them by the companies they sign up for. And they might even make a sale here or there, but at what cost? Everything in life has an opportunity cost.

How much more could you make with only a little bit of extra effort expended by building your own website? Answer: a lot!

Get Started The Sooner the Better

If you are putting off doing this because you are not technically savvy, do not fret. There are easy to follow steps on this blog that can help you create your first blog or website its really cheap to get started and really not that difficult if you follow the steps.

What you need to master is the marketing of the website. That's what makes the money.

By driving web traffic to your blog by means of the methods we explain in Tab Section 4 of this blog you will learn the different methods free and paid you can implement to grow your online business and to make money with your blog or website.

Now, why is a website vital for long term success? Because it allows you to do things you can never do if you try to send traffic directly to the affiliate link.

For example, it allows you to:

Pre-sell now Pre-sell just means soft sell someone. Recommend or endorse. Review or compare and contrast. In short, it positions the products you are promoting by giving valuable information to the visitor. The become more inclined to buy the products if you do this.

Email Capture - If you want to build a list you can market to over and over to again, you can't do it if you aren't sending the traffic to your website first.

If the affiliate program you are promoting goes out of business, having the website that is getting direct targeted traffic allows you to redirect that traffic to another program that has similar products.

In short, the website is an asset.

There are many more reasons than this, but this should give you an idea of the importance of using a website in affiliate marketing if you expect to become one of the few who makes a decent income and succeeds over time.

Don't be a one hit wonder when it comes to online marketing the advantages of having a website and building a presence online is by far more valuable in the long run.

So if you have not created your own Blog or Website follow this training it will be worth it.


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