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How to generate more leads

To generate more leads online can be difficult if you are looking at the wrong places and sometimes a big frustration is to filter out the right prospects on social media platforms. I will be sharing one of my platforms to prospect for  lead generation online that have been around for a while.

This is a website you can utilize as a free or paid member where doors are opened to connect with like minded people who are serious to succeed online. If you want to know how to generate leads for network marketing look no further introducing MLM Gateway.

Get More Leads - MLM Gateway

Lead generation onlineSo MLM Gateway is not a pyramid scheme like most people will think when hearing mlm. The creators of MLM Gateway created a unique social site for people interested in or involved in network marketing with the website designed for a social community for multilevel marketing. Look at MLM Gateway as a leads database.

People can join free and connect with other people in a similar fashion to other social media platforms and build relationships with verified network marketing leads. The same principles apply as if you were attempting to get more leads from other social media websites if you offer helpful advice and tips, others will recognize that you are an authority in network marketing and will want to be closer to you and allow you to use MLM Gateay as a leads database.

Best places to prospect for network marketing Leads - MLM Gateway

So why would I say MLM Gateway is one of the Best places to prospect for network marketing Leads? My reason is simple thousands of professionals use this platform that has been around since 2015.

To date they have over 220175 registered members and with MLM Gatway being transparent open and honest about the owners and where they are located is a good sign for a business model that works to get more leads. Most new sites that pop up these days don't even last a year!

Generate more leads

Get More Leads as a Free Member- MLM Gateway

Signing up with MLM Gateway is free but like with most platforms being a paid member gives you a slight advantage compared to free members. Depending on how you want to use MLM Gateway I truly feel that it is so versatile it can work for any online marketer. I want to share 12 benefits of Using MLM Gateway:

1. Connections

With MLM Gateway you only connect with like minded people interested in online business or network marketing.This saves a lot of time, unlike most social media sites that have all kinds of people that you need to work through to get new business leads.

2. Credit System

MLM Gateway is driven by this credit system which is based on credits that you can purchase or earn by participating in the program. You use credits to contact other MLM Gateway members, to run ad campaigns and to attain MLM Gateway member of the day. Here is few ways you can atain credits:

  • You get 5 credits when you sign up for MLM Gateway
  • You will get 10 credits any time someone signs up for MLM Gateway using your referral link
  • Also, you can get 10 credits when you share MLM Gateway on Facebook or Twitter
  • If you post a business announcement, you get 5 credits
  • Purchasing 30 credits for $14 
  • Purchasing 100 credits for $36
  • Purchasing 250 credits for $84                                                             

3. Business Announcements

By utilizing the business announcement correctly, you are able to present content in front of thousands of like minded people. So its important to utilize this feature to its fullest and be sure to write good content that those type of people would want to read your content.

4. Inbox Alerts for Business Announcements

Every time you write a new business announcement, all of your connections get an email letting them know about it. So if you write a lot of announcements you get and connect with lots of people to get the best results.

5. Advertising

MLM Gateway has a very powerful advertising platform. You can sometimes even make more money than you spend on the ad (if you paid for the credits). I have personally seen several commissions and even new business leads joining my other businesses, from using their advertising platform.

6. New Business Leads

The "Leads" feature  on MLM Gateway can be tricky, but really helps a lot when it is working. Other people can directly contact you when they want to join you or want to find out more about your opportunity. Usually if you write a good announcements or run a good ad campaigns, you will get a few leads from this feature.

7. Featured Professional

If you purchase the upgraded membership with MLM Gateway, you become a featured professional. This will get your profile shown on the home page to many possible prospects, and included on the list unlike free memberships.

8. Featured Member of the Day

This is a option available at a price so that you can have your profile in the header section of all pages on MLM Gateway for a 24hr period. It is important to make sure you have a profile that can capture leads and attract people to you before you do this. Just being a featured member of the day will not generate new business leads. You must have a complete profile, and an offer of some type before you do this, or you may see nothing from it.

9. Dashboard

When making a post on the dashboard you can include a link into it. Many people see the dashboard at least once. It does move fast as new people signup; however it also puts your dashboard posts onto your profile which can be used as lead magnets to get leads online.

10. Back-links for SEO

So if you have a blog or website and you like to write content then one of the best benefits using MLM Gateway is back links when doing business announcements. When you write a new blog post you can follow by a 2nd article here on MLM Gateway, and back-link the business announcement. You can be assured of quality back links to get your website posts higher in the search engines. Let those who understand this benefit see great rewards. 

11. MLM Gateway Referral Program

For me this is just icing on the cake and what I like about their Affiliate program is that you don't have to be a paid member to earn with MLM Gateway. I have friends earning descent monthly commissions who aren't even paid members. They pay up to 50% commissions on your referrals purchases for life. This is almost like a 2 in one feature when driving traffic to MLM Gateway you get credits you can use for advertising or contacting prospects and you can earn commissions.

MLM Gateway

Summary for MLM Gateway

Personally I think this is a must have platform for serious marketers and the idea that you can earn from this social media platform while building your business just makes sense for me. Considering the 11 benefits mentioned above I see this as a no brainer.

I see MLM Gateway as a leads database and with the right tweak network marketing prospects are not too far away and from my experience they offer a lot of value for new and established marketers. This might not be for everyone but I can recommend checking it out seeing that there is no cost involved to join.

How to get more Leads Online

Here is a video review about MLM Gateway by Jay Carden you can also visit hist website at

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