How To Start A Successful Blog

Getting Started
If you ever wanted to start a Blog you can follow the easy to follow steps below. Not only can your Blog be responsible for wealthy income on autopilot but it can also grow your email list dramatically!
I use 4 simple steps when starting my own blog.
This is very straightforward and I work off these steps when starting out. Don’t use free hosting, always get your own domain and hosting.
·         Find hosting & a good domain name
·         Create the site and customize it
·         Fill it with good content that’s keyword optimized
·         Promote

Starting Your Site With Blue Host
In this particular example, I’ll use Blue Host for the hosting and show you how to set it up. It’s cheap and works well.
Good for people on a tight budget.

Choosing The Right Plan And Domain
I would suggest going with the $3.95 plan, you can also upgrade later if you need to.
Blue Host can do free migrations if you aren’t happy with your current host or looking for a change. The other plans do come with marketing extras. However, I don’t use them so I just go with the basic plan.

Recommend Hosting:   Click here $3.95 a month hosting.
To choose the domain name can be a challenge you can check out this page to help you choose your domain.
I use Namecheap to find mine because its easy to use and very affordable.

Think about the domain name for a while because you can’t change it once you’re on the other side.
If you’re doing a blog that’s going to be very active and you want to build awesome amounts of traffic to it then make it something people will remember.
All you really need to do is head over to NameCheap and start clicking. You will know when you’ve found the right domain, it will stand out to you.
Blue Host will take you to the domain section after you have chosen a plan. If you already have a domain name then you can transfer it quick and easy.
Once you have done all that you will be asked to put in your details and payment details.
Once you’ve done that the next page will give you some options, The only one I go with is domain privacy.
It’s not needed though I just like to use it.
So that’s quite simple, right? Just follow the instructions and you’re on your way to making a great blog.

I don’t want to complicate things because it’s very easy to do this. I could go on about options and pricing but there is no reason for that. Blue Host is good cheap hosting and that’s all you need if you’re on a budget.

Here is a Short Video that will help you through this process;


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